What you will learn with this eBook

How to prepare for the fun, sun and sand of the toughest footrace on earth. Running Light will help the average runner eradicate fear, dispel the myths and ease the mental pressure associated with the world's most famous extreme running race.

Train and compete like an athlete.

Train and compete like an athlete. Success does not happen by luck, but by a series of choices and hard work. Mirror the techniques employed by Olympic medalists which you can apply to much more than your MDS training.

Learn elite military techniques

Learn elite military techniques for nurturing determination and developing a winners mindset. Let nothing stand in your way in your quest to be better and do more.

Learn from other experts from a range of fields

Learn from other experts from a range of fields. Craig interviews mindset experts, previous participants of the MDS and many more to get hard-hitting, powerful tips to help you exceed your own expectations.

Eradicate negative thoughts about your pre-race decisions.

Learn how to make decisions you will ultimately be happy with. Ensure you take exactly the right kit, food and clothing for you.

Includes the authors private thoughts & feelings captured during the event.

Nurture the right motivation.

With the right motivation, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. This book will help you establish your deep-rooted desire and create a huge WHY so the facts don’t matter.

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Possibly the best self-development and performance book I have ever read. A must-read not just for the Marathon Des Sables, but for any endurance event.

Carl Withers

‘Not even finished Running Light by Craig Williams yet, but I am already recommending I, not just to my running friends, but everyone that is caught in a rut and in need of motivation, determination and a whole new outlook on life, not just ultrarunning.’

Leone Smith

About Running Light

BONUS: Expert Interviews

In addition to the great tips and tricks from Craig, you can benefit from decades of Olympic mindset strategies used by top-level athletes and previous MDS runners

Each contributor has been carefully selected for their knowledge and expertise. Each provided the author with unique mindset strategies or knowledge that, when combined, created a winning cocktail the led to success.

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About Craig Williams

The horrible moment when you realise you are woefully underprepared for the toughest challenge of your life!!!

A word from your author.

I remember it clearly… I was getting picked up by my wife after I bonked during the last-ditch training run 3 weeks before the Marathon Des Sables started. For once in my life, I knew my physical ability was not going to get me through…

Running Light exposes all the mindset and last-minute hacks I employed to not only get through the race but also finish in the top 20% of all runners.

I will help you make difficult decisions about food, kit, weight and training super easy, help you create the optimum race strategy for you AND have a few laughs (usually at my expense…) along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read buy and read my book and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Author Running Light


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